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Richard Pryor

coke and white bitches
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My coworkers are so sweet and got me flowers😊😊💐 and then had to get a picture for me to post holding them and smiling hahah I love my lil work family



The Rafflesia arnoldii is one of the largest flower in the world, measuring up to 3ft wide and weighing up to 11kg.. It is nicknamed the “Corpse Flower” because of its pungent odor if decaying flesh. It is native to the rainforest of Borneo and Sumatra.

ohmygoodness amazing

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are you trying to remember or to forget?

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Box with shell, c.1600-25, England, silver and scallop shell, Ashmolean Museum. 
From the Ashmolean: 
This is the only silver box of this form known to incorporate a real shell. Claw and ball feet and lion’s mask handles occur as early as 1589.
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